Monday, October 6, 2008


Did you know that when you are born, your body produces so much adrenaline that a full grown human could have a heart attack? And when you die, almost the same amount of adrenaline runs through those old weathered veins of yours? It's interesting, because I feel like that baby. Change is exciting, but seeing the world with a new perspective and new eye is overwhelmingly beautiful and horrific all at the same time, creating a true sense of the word "reality." What is reality? Does the word even hold true to its meaning? The dictionary states that the word reality means "the world or state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them." I think that's bullshit. Reality is different depending on who is seeing it. Reality IS just the way people see it, and it may be idealistic or notional. But what people see is real to them, thus, creating a controversial idea on what reality is. The brain is so so so so so powerful, and it can make you see things that aren't "really there" and depending on your state of mind you will see the world in a completely different light. Isn't that still considered a form of reality? It's so easy to rationalize and ignore the truth and still see things they way you want to see them. I do it, everyone does. Is it our faults that our minds play tricks on us? I wish my reality was more imaginative- is that contradictory? I think I'm just bored with the way I've been seeing things lately. I'm ready to change my reality into something more than what it has been. See you in another reality, I'm done with this one.

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