Monday, October 6, 2008

Immaculate conception.

You know the theory that death brings new life? Well, in this case, a seemingly spontaneous friendship has just combusted after a long bright shiny star has become nothing else, other than a black hole. The funny thing, is that my prejudices were completely overruled and trumped, which I'm not complaining about at all. It wasn't real hate, it wasn't even real cynicism, just overbearing motherly love...Somewhat insestuous motherly love, but love none the less. It took us a while to both come around. It took us great caution, slowly feeling eachother out, without even being near each other. As the worst possible ideas were conjured in our sick tortured minds, I think we both gave up and realized what was really going on. Her shoes were dainty and a tight fit for sure, as mine were most likely the same on her. The jealousy that had amalgamated in the first place, vanished into thin air, and the first signs of a cordial conversation ensued. Friendly comments turned into more personal messages, and arrangements of a true friendship were discussed under great enthusiasm. The rest? As they say, the rest is just history...

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