Friday, January 9, 2009

Downtown LA Art Walk

Went downtown for the first time. Drove. Me and driving=Lost. I always get lost, but then again, getting lost enables me to explore new territory and learn alternate routes. Whatever, the feeling of being lost in copius amounts of traffic are very unnerving. Its a mix between getting off a spinning ride at the carnival meets a UTI. It's very strange. So, my cousin James and I, we finally park, and realize, fuck, we totally just parked 4 blocks away, which usually isn't a prob, because coming from Chicago, we walk a lot. And then suddenly, that unnerving, lost feeling turns into, holy shit, I'm gonna shit my pants feeling. So we are walking and I'm clenching and we're walking and then we finally hit a pizza joint. So I'm all like, dude, I'm gonna go in here and pee, and totally did a number two instead. Now this number 2 was no normal number 2. It was wretched. So, I flush, I wash my hands, and wipe the sweat from my brow, and we are off. Just around the corner was the bar we were looking for. It's called the Edison. It was an old Edison Electric building and had this 1920's theme going on. It was low lit and classy. The chicks working were wearing dropwaisted shift dress flapper outfits, and the dudes were in zoot suits. The decor was amazing, very vintage. We missed the $0.35 martini happy hour, so by the time we got there, they were only 40% off. So an extra dirty Kettle One martini, 40% off, runs about $8. Yeah. Fucking balls expensive. Down the hatch and we are on to our next destination. Art Slave. It's this totally quaint little gallery but I swear, it had some of the coolest, most ecclectic artwork in it. This one artist, Jen Heasup was doing some pretty wacky shit with religious icon, Jesus. It was fucking incredible. Made me think of my best friend Sean. I miss that kid. Then we walked around the same block 3 times. Not kidding. It was retarded. And then we walked around the 3rd time to avoid this guy that was sitting outside, and we still ended up walking by him, except, thank fucking god he wasn't sitting there anymore. He prob thought we were the biggest idiots ever. Oh, question: Where do homeless people do their sharting? Because I totally saw a homeless dude eating rotten food, and I know what that does to people. Not say I eat rotten food, but regular food gives me the runs, so I'm just assuming its that much worse. Then James and I give up and say fuck it, because apparently neither of us are capable of reading a fucking map. We go to a Japanese hole in the wall restaurant, because we parked in Little Tokyo, order a pitcher of Kirin, a Shrimp tempura appetizer, I order a squid yakitori skewer, and a nabeyaki udon and james orders....Pikefsh? Ok, James. We drink, we eat, we're merry.

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