Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I made it in one piece.

So, I'm finally here. Sunny, sometimes foggy, but overall warmer than Chicago, California. Surprisingly cooler in temperature here than I had anticipated, but it's still an enjoyable brisk winter.
I'm staying in a city called Alhambra. Its basically full of old people, chinese people, and old chinese people. It quiet and peaceful. The town next to me is beautiful, San Marino. It's full of mansions and right of way drivers. The Wrigley Mansion is a mere 20 minute walk from me. I got a car, and was afraid to drive on these winding riverbend streets they call a highway, but have adjusted nicely.
I've just been taking it easy, I've gone out once to a bar call the Cha Cha Lounge in Silverlake. It's a hipster's paradise, it really is. Hipsters trying to play foosball is hilarious. The vending machine was the best part. It had all this wacky shit, I should have snapped a photo but I don't have a stupid camera yet. Next time.
I still haven't found a job yet...well, I guess I've only been here for a week now. But I'm in need of one. Any suggestions?

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