Thursday, January 15, 2009

Um, are you always this creepy?

So, its a nice sunny day, beautiful actually. I get dressed up all professional and shit to hand in some resumes. I get to Pasadena, the Paseo-Colorado Shopping district, and I'm getting out of my car and walking toward the place. My female intuition perks up and I realize, there's someone behind me. So I glance behind me, and there's this fucking weirdo on my tail. I keep walking and then he comes up right next to me and says, "Hey baby, I like your style." That was honestly his pick up line. So, I do what any NORMAL fucking girl would do and I say, "Um...Thanks." and keep walking. So this dude, gets all offended, because he doesn't realize yet that his pick up line won like worlds #1 WORST pick up lines, every single fucking year, and calls me straight up, "a fucking bitch." I can handle that, bitch is not the worst thing I've ever been called, I'll deal. So I hand in a few resumes and then there he is again! Behind me, and he walks by as I'm sorting through my resumes, and says "Well hello again. You still look good...But you're still a FUCKING BITCH." So, now I'm getting nervous...Why is this dude following me if he thinks I'm a bitch? Does this dude, really have nothing better to do than to harrass some poor girl who is desperately trying to get a job in this sick town? So I see a security guard, so I tell him the deal. He seemed genuinely concerned, which felt kind of good, but I was telling him so that sicko wouldn't fuck with any other girls around there. So I leave that serial rapist haven and start walking to my car, and I realize, FUCK, this dude totally knows where I parked. So I get even more nervous! Now, I'm like racing to my car, I have my keys clenched in my hand, Quinne Kunkle style, and I'm ready for this motherfucker. Nowhere to be found. Thank god. Then I speed off to safety.

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B-Sides said...

ahhaha, quinne kunkel style. If it was really her style, you would have keys with little knives and ak47's on them.