Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's a New World

I'm designing a collection and I am sooo excited about it! It's inspired by the idea of a New World, but taking different aspects of the Colonization of America, so it's definitely got some Native American as well as Pilgrim themes (only wayyyy cuter). The collection is really about breaking out and fighting for freedom. And adjusting to new things in the world around you. It's about breaking all the rules, and following your own. It's about spirtuality, peace, friendship, and diversity. It's about a utopia that never existed. It's about going back in time and making things right. It's about humanity.

So far, it's been all on my own, but I would love more than anything to collaborate. I think of my creations and art as a multi-racial baby, they come out more beautiful with the help of others.

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