Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's OK, Miley, I know it was only for good, clean, fun.

Miley Cyrus was recently publicly criticized for making a "funny face" similar to the faces that my friends are making in this picture. A commentor mentioned that the boy of Asian descent was not participating in the "fun," but how can that be true? Just because he wasn't pulling the sides of his eyes? For one, he doesn't need to...His eyes already look like that. And two, maybe he's the one the made the Asian joke. I do it all the time. It's all in good, clean, fun. Get over it. Stop oppressing yourselves and turning yourself into a victim. You're Asian, we all get it. If anything, I think that is tacky and more self-loathing to be getting surgeries to make your asian selves look more white. So, go get some eyelids, a nose job to get a bridge, your beautiful Asian cheekbones shaved down, dye your hair blond, and get breast implants you now, freaks of nature.

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