Monday, February 9, 2009


Now, I know why so many housewives were fucked up on quaaludes all dying day. Maybe if I had some shirts to iron and starch...Maybe if I had a baby to breast feed...Maybe if I had to pick up around the house...MAYBE IF I HAD A JOB OF MY OWN AND COULD LEAVE THIS HELL HOLE OF A HOUSE! Maybe if it wasn't raining for like five days straight, I wouldn't be in this mess of cabin fever. Thank god my walls are not painted yellow. I think I once read a short story in highschool about some crazy lady whose bedroom walls were painted yellow and it caused her to be severely depressed, and instead of realizing it was because she basically had cabin fever from being a stupid housewife, they sent her to the "countryside" to collect her thoughts, and be...even more isolated? Yeah, I think she killed herself, and if she didn't, she should have.

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