Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Small Fish; Big Pond

So it was made evident to me just how fucked up the economy is and how many people are jobless. I waited in line outside, in an alley for four hours with heels on waiting for an interview. Granted, yes, this was an open interview, I had not nearly anticipated a wait of four hours. I finally get to the front of the row, one more person ahead of me, and as the hiring manager asks for the next applicant she starts walking forward. Nobody else was going to say anything so I said, "Ummm, it's not your turn. You aren't next..." And she replied with the most disheveled, whiny, matter of fact voice, "But I have to leave! I've been waiting for three and a half hours! I have to go study, and I don't have a home and I have to pick up my dogs...blah blah blah" And my only response to that was, "Yeah, I know you've been waiting three and half hours, because you got here after we all did and we've been waiting four." I don't care that she has to study; So pull a fucking all-nighter, that's what students do. I don't care that your dogs will be taken away or whatever you claim. You probably shouldn't even have a dog if you are so busy that you have to cut in front of people because you are just so busy. She was so annoying, a total drama student/actress/singer? Give me a fucking break. I was sooo mad. She didn't even say thank you when the guy in front of me let her go. After she was interviewed she just literally ran out the door. If she gets hired and I don't, I will be so pissed. And if we both get hired, I will never be considerate to her, because she doesn't deserve it. I'm sick of all these california bitches thinking that the world owes them something. You didn't deserve to cut in line, you dumbass. In real life, you wait your turn, like the rest of the fucking world.

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