Sunday, March 8, 2009

Life. Not the cereal, the real deal.

So, shit, life- Life is crazy. I love when life sneak attacks you and good things come out of nowhere. I love when life is completely spontaneous and fun. That has been my life these past few days. I can't complain. Reconnecting with people is such a good feeling. I don't know what it is, but whenever I get reacquainted with someone, i just feel that much more connected with them. I've had a lot of re-connections with good people lately. Some with people who ended on bad terms, and some who I just inevitably lost touch with. All in all, it's great to talk again, catch up, rehash. I'm really starting to take advantage of life, I think. I know I'm impulsive. But I totally believe in living for this moment. Sure, plan for the future, but don't plan on it turning out the way you wanted it to. I want no regrets. I want to see life differently, so I'm gonna live life differently, and not look back. I just got the best breath of fresh air a girl could get.

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Austin Martin said...

hey I am going to be in san francisco is that close t you?