Saturday, March 21, 2009

My life is ironic.

Went to a few bars tonight...Hating every second of it, up until we ended up at Roosterfish, a gay bar. Why do I thrive at gay bars? It feels like home. Gay men love me, and I love them. I'm surprised at how many gay men actually came up to talk to me, and how many of them told me I was "so beautiful." I'm not going to deny that its a total ego booster, because for one, those guys don't need to talk me up to get me in the sack, that's the last thing on their mind. I miss Sean, and John, and Sergio, and Ike, James Sommer, and James Newell, and all the gay men in my life. I have no gay friends out here, it makes me sad. I met the cutest, gay, east coast Jew ever tonight, as well as a half Lebonese Christian, half Greek gay, who deposited on me some news that his lover of this past year has confessed that he has a wife and kid. I felt honored that he would ask of my opinion, and even consider telling me of such an embarrassing and heart breaking story. Yeah, we were at a bar, I'm sure he was drunk, but I like that I give off certain vibes to certain people, and that they can read them. All in all, I miss my gays. I miss my wit that naturally exudes within this queer environment we call fag-ulous.

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